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      1. 金麦克集成卫浴 十大卫浴洁具 卫浴品牌
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        Quanzhou,Fujian Province,Jin Maike integrated sanitary Intenational International trade in high-end market are mainly exported to Southeast  Asian countries,such as Russia,Europe and the United States was founded in the early nineties the company for many years to 2006,a comprehend sive service Bathroom in then domestic high-end market and then domestic and foreign customers praise.

        Jin Maike integrated bathroom,embracing the essence of the modern ware modeling,set world-class production technology,to create the industrial design of the new concept,the financial function and beauty in one in ISO9001 quality system Production with international standards as a criterion,then implementation of a full range of high quality after-sales service.Its inherent quality and function stability are superior.Appearance in line with the modern art aesthetic ideas,dignified and delicate,you when Natural selection.

        Jin Maike integrated bathroom,full of European and American fashion style,hotel,luxury apartments,housing projects preferred sanitary products,Jin Maike integrated bathroom whill be superior product quality ,meticulous after-sales service You feel good mood of modern civilization in the bathroom while.

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